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Our 365 days daily gleanings from the life of Jesus will edify, encourage, & elevate you to build an intimate, personal, and experiential walk with God that is consistent with the lifestyle and doctrine of the Master, Jesus Himself.

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About Reformation Platform

REFORMATION PLATFORM is an international non-denominational, non-governmental Christian ministry charged with the responsibility of EDIFYING the Church and EVANGELIZING the world.

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Our Vision

Raising disciples for Jesus with the sole aim of preparing millions of Christians worldwide to be fit for the Kingdom of God to come, and qualify as faithful witnesses, and ambassadors of that same Kingdom, while presently here on earth.

Bible Study Companions

By their very nature, Bible Study Companions are books that aid Bible study by presenting students with the opportunity to do deep, effective and focused studies on several biblical themes and topics which hitherto may be difficult either through lack of study resources and materials or immaturity in spiritual things.

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Life-transforming articles to help you build your walk with God.

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