Ladies & Lords Relationship Meeting: February 18

ladies and lords

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Face the truth, Beloved: who doesn’t want to get married? Perhaps, a few. But we, as Christians following in the footsteps of Jesus, all dream of a perfect home built on the true foundation: Jesus.

Well, this is the burden that birthed the “Ladies & Lords Relationship Meeting”.

The Ladies & Lords Relationship Meeting was “officially inaugurated” in the year 2015. “Officially” because, well, the first meeting was held February – March, 2015. And, not surprisingly, about 85% of the brethren who attended the meetings are now married (with a new couple on their way to getting married).

Okay. This year, 2017, launches with a second season of the Ladies & Lords Relationship meeting. The first meeting, held February 18, featured highlights that absolutely ministered to the hearts that were present:

The highlights:

  • Song ministration
  • Poem Ministration
  • Talk show
  • Question & Answer
  • Word
  • Refreshment

Poetry Ministration

Why do we run on the wings of snails
And fly on the back of eagles
Why do we watch our future with a veil
And rest our confidence on the fickle
Why do we live without a trail
And depart from the path of wisdom
Why do we sow without no grain
And desire without no intent
Why do we long for what is frail
And hold to what yields trickles
Why do we shun what brings hale
And ignore what is made for eagles

Why do our hearts reach for nothing
And yet we claim we hold the real
Why do we wish to cling to something
That’s beside what heaven hails.

Why, oh why do we reject this love of His
That is truer than the fairest of fields
Why do we grin on the blessing clothed with ease
But run after the wind of unease

Why? Why?

Why won’t our hearts come to rest
Till His love fills it with peace
Why won’t our hearts yield to His blest
A place that’s made safe,
Safer even than home?

We apologise the talk show segment was not recorded. However, the talk show topic was,

Is Dating allowed in Christendom? If you oppose, is “camping” allowed in the body of Christ, even as Christians?”

Which brings up an idea. Why don’t you share your view on this question in the comment box below or better still send your view to

NB: “Camping” is the systematic way a Christian brother/sister relates always with only a brother/sister, while showing outwardly that they aren’t courting.

Here’s what I learned from the meeting:

You do not deserve a WOMAN if you are not a MAN.

That is, as a Man, according to God’s own definition, is someone who looks like Jesus (Gen. 1:26-27TLB), you do not deserve a woman who looks like Jesus if you are not a man who looks like Jesus in everything (i.e. striving to be like Jesus in everything, every day).

In conclusion,

We hope you were blessed by the ministrations. Please know in your heart that God loves you and wants the best for you. His will for you is a perfect marriage (Jer. 29:11, Ps. 139:1-18) and if He has good plans for you, you can rest assured He wants to give you a perfect, fun-filled, Jesus-like marriage.

Trust Him.


Next Ladies & Lords Relationship Meeting holds Saturday, March 4, 2017; at Gospel Power Assembly; 16, Alhaji Ramon Street, Car Wash Bus Stop, Egbeda, Lagos.

For more information, call: 07062408095

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